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A RISK MANAGEMENT SCREEN - protecting children and teenagers from sexual abuse.

An innovation far beyond criminal background checks, The Diana Screen is a risk management tool that will help you keep your agency's children safe from sexual abuse.

The Diana Screen works at the pre-employment phase to identify prospective new hires or volunteers that are at risk of violating the boundary between a child and adult. Our research indicated more than 6% of adults in the United States have molested a child; all youth servicing organisations are a target of these individuals. Behind The Diana Screen are 18 years of research, 6 NIMH grants, and 2 Pilot Studies with the Episcopal Church Pension Fund and The Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

The benefits of using The Diana Screen are essentially a risk management strategy for organisations that are affiliated with children. These organisations include but are not limited to:
1. Foster-care agencies
2. Faith based organisations
3. Juvenile detention centres
4. Schools
5. Day-care centres
6. Sports organisations
7. Children's hospitals
8. Youth recreation clubs
Overall The Diana Screen is a benefit to society in Australia and Worldwide.

Vicpsychplus has worked collaboratively with Abel Screening Inc. over the past few years to bring The Diana Screen to Australia.

The Diana Screen is a scientifically validated risk management screening test that identifies people who should not be placed in positions of trust with children and teenagers.

Identifies men and women most likely to violate sexual boundaries with children and teens.

Used as one component of an organisation's overall application/interview/screening process.

Quickly and inexpensively asks the child safety questions that staff do not have the experience to ask.

  • 30 minutes test-taker time
  • 5 minutes staff time
  • 4th grade English reading level
  • Pass/Fail results immediate
  • 120 questions answered on a computer

The information collected by The Diana Screen is de-identified data and does not collect any personal information, as defined under Privacy Laws in Australia.

Results cross-validated 200 times... Over 100,000 people have answered The Diana Screen questions

Email: info@dianascreen.com.au

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