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A RISK MANAGEMENT SCREEN - protecting children and teenagers from sexual abuse.

The Diana Screen and Sexual Misconduct Risk Management

Insurance is designed to pay for losses that may occur which are too expensive for an organisation to cover out of its own reserves. The impact from just one misconduct loss could surpass the amount that an insurer is willing to cover. Some organisations are not protected from misconduct losses in their insurance cover and this liability falls back on the organisation. Misconduct losses are expensive. The direct financial claim filed by a victim's lawyers could be in the millions. The operating expenses in handling a misconduct claim add to the overall financial loss. The good name of the organisation may be tarnished, impacting future programs and revenues.

As a risk management instrument, The Diana Screen accomplishes the following:

  • It identifies the men and women who are the most likely to commit a misconduct loss. This means that the likelihood of a loss occurring is directly reduced commensurate with the number of high-risk people an organisation excludes during its screening process.
  • In many cases, one individual is responsible for abuse-based losses on multiple children. Each high-risk person who is removed, not only reduces the likelihood of one loss occurring, but reduces the likelihood of multiple losses occurring.
  • The use of The Diana Screen acts as a deterrent. When applicants are aware that an organisation is utilising this additional child protection test, some will choose not to apply.
  • Overall, most people pass The Diana Screen. They form a safer pool of prospective hires and volunteers.

"Misconduct losses are based on the actions of a few people. The Diana Screen helps to identify the men and women who are a sexual risk to children. Currently, there is no other effective way of identifying high-risk men and women". Dr. Gene G. Abel, Abel Screening Inc.

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