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A RISK MANAGEMENT SCREEN - protecting children and teenagers from sexual abuse.

About Vicpsychplus - exclusively bringing The Diana Screen to Australia

Vicpsychplus has worked collaboratively with Abel Screening Inc. over the last few years to coordinate the delivery of The Diana Screen to Australia.

  • The Diana Screen identified with our mission to deliver a risk management tool for organisations affiliated with children.
  • Our Organisational vision is to prevent sexual abuse towards children and promote safety and security in organisations affiliated with children.

Vicpsychplus has consulted with a number of leading child protection agencies and leading research bodies in Australia to raise awareness of the implementation of The Diana Screen in Australia. Vicpsychplus has published information through the Child Protection Inquiry in Victoria and conducted an extensive Legal Review on the implementation of The Diana Screen in Australia.

These measures assess both a test taker's understanding of appropriate adult/child sexual boundaries and the probability that a test taker has had sexual contact with a child or teenager.

Key Team Members

Dr Karen Owen PSM, MAPS is the founder and Clinical Director of Vicpsychplus. Karen is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist working in her own private practice for several years having previously spent many years in Correctional and Human Services. She is well regarded for her knowledge and work in the field of sex offender assessment and treatment. Her achievements were recognised in 2007 when awarded a Public Service Medal (PSM) in the Queens Birthday Honours and a Justice Award in 2006. She has been active in publishing, research, training and consultancy having co-authored two published book chapters. Karen has provided consultancy on program development and high-risk cases in Tasmania, NSW, Canberra and the Northern Territory.

Ms Bea Raymond MAPS Senior Consultant, Vicpsychplus is a Forensic and Organisational Psychologist. Bea has also worked in public sector organisations such as the Department of Human Services and the Department of Justice for many years. Bea's work focuses on risk assessment, sex offender treatment and assessment of child protection issues. Bea is particularly interested in job impact issues, practical strategies for developing resilience in workers, organisational recruiting policy and development of applied strategies to meet organisational needs including organisational risk management.

Ms Julie Jellett RN Business Director, Vicpsychplus. Julie is a registered nurse and in addition to her many years of experience in the public sector including the mental health, disability and correctional services, she also has extensive experience in business operations, human resource management and recruitment. Julie coordinates the introduction of The Diana Screen in Australia.

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